Connecting people in an intentionally creative environment. Fun yet understanding. Helping people feel empowered and brave enough to act.

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About CreativeCreativeCreative

There’s more to life than making money. We think so anyway.

Unsatisfied with the amount of creativity in Hong Kong, we’re here to enable and support those willing to be brave and step into the unknown.

We want to share distinctly Hong Kong stories that not enough people know about.

Pushing the boundaries, creating with intention and bonding over conversations along the way.


CreativeCreativeCreative is a silly name, and I should change it? No.”

Ernest Fung, FOUNDER

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Our 4 Foundational Pillars

Community - we are bigger than just ourselves. We want to share stories of generosity that not enough people know about.

Culture - we are who we are because of all the moments that led to this very moment. We don’t want to ignore or let these things disappear.

Movement - we are blessed with a body that’s capable of doing amazing things. We want to make sure we all take full advantage of it.

Mind - we are all in control only of how we feel and react. We want to learn to make sure we stay in control and don’t let negativity overwhelm us.

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Our Events

We're designing events specifically to inspire and engage. We're not here to sell you a product, and we aggressively protect our community from sales pitches and spam. We want to uncover untold stories, all while making sure that they're relevant and relatable to our audience. This means that instead of only talking about the success and milestones, just as importantly we want to explore the challenges and failures that led to them.


Upcoming Events

Past Events

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We’d love hear from YOU - whether it’s exciting things you’re working on, things you want to see (or not see anymore), or suggestions and feedback - we want to hear it all.

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